WINIX TOWER QS air purifier combines 16 watt JBL Bluetooth speaker with Bluetooth speaker, sharing superior sound quality with you.

Ideal usage capacity of WINIX TOWER QS air cleaning device is up to 90 m². European Allergy Research Center – Certified for “allergy friendly” by ECARF, certified by the medical world authorities.


WINIX TOWER QS air purifier uses 4-stage and all-in-one filter system. With this system, it removes fine dust (PM2.5), allergens, pollen, pet dandruff and skin rashes, smoke, mold spores, organic chemicals (VOC) and home odors in the indoor air. It measures air values ​​with its air quality smart sensors and adjusts itself, offering a user-friendly solution.

Tower QS model of WINIX has won many design awards and has become the most preferred air cleaning device in the air cleaning equipment industry. Winix Tower QS air purifier is for those who care about clean air and superior sound quality.



Ideal room size: max. 90 square meter

4 stage filter

Particle and Light sensors

33.7 dB sound level – operating sound

2 years warranty

220-240 VAC / 50 Hz

Dimensions: 31 x 31 x 74.8 cm

JBL Speaker System: 2.0ch, 8W * 2

Speaker system Bluetooth® 4.1

Net volume: 350cc