With the Vehicle Disinfection Machine System, the most detailed parts of the vehicle come into contact with the disinfectant material by means of the fogging method of the disinfectant liquid, which is placed in the Disinfection cabin of the vehicles, consisting of a large number of nozzles and disintegrated up to 5 microns. Thus, a healthy and hygienic disinfection is ensured by using less disinfectant material.


As a result of the economical use of disinfectant material with the fogging method, unnecessary personnel use is eliminated, the health of the employees and animals are protected, an automatic, accurate and efficient disinfection process is carried out. Vehicle Disinfection is carried out in two ways by means of the fog system. However, the Plug System is not used as it does not provide adequate disinfection.

Vehicle Disinfection System is a perfect solution for facilities and border gates that need to disinfect the vehicle. The fact that it is very efficient, easy to use and fully automatic guarantees the penetration of all surfaces of the vehicle that are open in volume.

It provides hygiene of the vehicle before entering the area that should be hygienic. When passing through the Machine, disinfectant applied automatically by pulverization method ensures that all surfaces of the vehicle are completely cleaned.

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