World Health Organization achieved successful results in ULV Disinfection Machine device application trials and recomends.


Thanks to Disinfection, pathogenic microorganisms in the inanimate environment are killed.At the same time, the reproduction of such microorganisms is prevented by applying Disinfection.

In addition to the importance of the disinfectant and the method of application, the practitioner must be an expert in order to get the highest efficiency from the Disinfection process and to prevent this application from creating health-threatening conditions.

Disinfectant to be used;  should be effective against biofilm as well as having bactericidal, virucitis, fungicide, algicide and ambicide properties. In addition, it should be biodegradable, leave no residue in the environment, be effective at high temperatures, be non-toxic, have a broad spectrum effect.

In terms of having these properties, the most effective disinfectants are products containing certain amounts of hydrogen peroxide and colloidal silver. With the application method, the result obtained from the disinfectant can be increased.

Fearful Dream of Viruses ULV Disinfection Devices

The most effective method applied for this is that the World Health Organization (WHO) has accepted and recommended that it is a cold fogging method with ULV device that can affect the entire area from the ceiling to the floor against bacteria and viruses in the ambient air in device application trials.

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With the ULV Disinfection Machine device, water-based chemical solutions are broken down into very small sizes (in the range of 0-30 micron) and the drug is suspended for a long time in the air and the entire area from the ceiling to the floor is disinfected. Disinfection applications made in this way, thanks to the ability of the device to form aerosol fog (small drug particles), eliminate the invisible creatures and microbes.

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Multipurpose cleaning and ULV Disinfection Machines for anything you can think of. Disinfectant Machine, especially hospital, public living areas, public transportation vehicles, ambulance, patient care, school, nursery, home, office and workplace etc. It is a Machine designed to destroy harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and pathogens that are located and spread around. It is a professional, compact Machine with its ergonomic structure and stylish appearance.