Antibacterial hygienic mat models provide hygiene in the living places with shoes such as hospitals and workplaces, creating a healthy environment.

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Where Does the Hygienic Mat Use?

In the health sector, hospital entrance, operating room entrance, examination room entrances, clinics, health centers, Doctors, dentists, vets, pet hospitals, pet shops Workplaces social facility, dressing rooms, schools, wc exits, canteens, crowded halls, Food factories, food production facilities, pastry shops, manufacturing, packaging, warehouses and kitchen entrances…


Gymnasiums, solarium, aerobics halls, beauty centers, nurseries, entrance of nurseries, swimming pools, hotels, hotels, touristic facilities , Pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics industry, private areas, production areas and warehouses entrances, Animal farms and everywhere that requires hygiene.

Hygienic Mat Product Features

The use of a hygienic mat is very practical and easy.

When pressed on the mat, the surface of the mat collapses, and the disinfectant liquid rises to the sole of the shoe.

The liquid foot covers the sole completely. With this process, while cleaning the floor from dirt and mud, it also provides Disinfection and destroys the germs formed at the bottom.

After pulling your foot, the mop absorbs the liquid again, dirt and mud remain on the fiLiter in the upper surface.

It does not leak into the hygienic mat. Disinfectant is preserved.

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