Disinfection Cabinets
As DM Group Metal company, we manufacture Disinfection Cabins. It was established as adopting today’s modern supplier industry and started production by completing human, Machine and equipment development. In light of our industry experience, you can contact for Disinfection Systems and Kanbine, ULV Disinfection Device, Disinfection Machine, Hijheyik Mat and more.

Besides the quality production, intime delivery and zero defect targets, which are at the targets of all companies, DM Grup Metal’s biggest goal and commitment is to serve its customers as a solution partner and contribute to their development. With its equipped technical staff and experienced operators, DM Group Metal serves as mass production and special works in areas such as metal products, sheet forming, welding.


Vehicle Disinfection Machine
Disinfection Cabinet
ULV Disinfection Device
Disinfection Machine
Disinfection Cabinet

You can contact for Vehicle Disinfection Systems, Disinfection and Canbinet, ULV Disinfection Device, Disinfection Machine and more.


Established in 2012
DB Metal was officially established in 2012


Thousands of Products
Custom Manufacturing , Welded Productions , Pressed Productions


Disinfection Cabinet
We started manufacturing Vehicle Disinfection Systems, Disinfection Canbinet, ULV Disinfection Device, Disinfection Machine


Our Number of Customers is Increasing
We provide quality education with our expert team